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In this highly competitive business environment, every customer deserves a great quality product, with professional, helpful service, and a great price. But with the wide variety of products and services available in promotional products, it is sometimes hard to know what the final price will be.

A typical customized product purchase will include the following items:

  • Base Product costs (t-shirt, jacket, hat, pen, mug, etc.)
  • Logo art / design charges
  • Equipment set-up charges
  • Printing / embroidery charges
  • Folding / packaging charge
  • Freight costs from manufacturer to supplier
  • Shipping costs to you

All Villager Custom clients get a complete written quotation that covers all of these issues. Villager Custom NEVER has any hidden charges.

Save yourself the surprise of last minute "extra charges", and make sure any product quotation includes all of these items. You deserve a "No Surprise Quote", and that's what we provide.

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